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Johnson Matthey

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Tracerco's field proven Discovery™ is a Subsea CT Scanner that allows the non-intrusive inspection of coated pipelines. Discovery™ scans through coatings and provides a high resolution image of pipeline contents and pipe wall thickness, enabling pipeline integrity flaws and flow assurance conditions to be accurately visualised in real-time.

Tracerco Explorer™ for Flow Assurance provides pipeline operators with a reliable screening service to determine the location of deposition build-up for further investigation. Explorer™ unique technology allows many kilometres of subsea pipeline to be quickly scanned, enabling the location of deposits causing flow abnormalities to be easily identified.

Tracerco’s radioisotope pig tracking systems provide safe, fast, reliable and accurate subsea pig tracking. This allows tracking of pig positioning and pig location.

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey
Measurement Technology Centre, The Moat, Belasis Hall Technology Park, Billingham, TS23 4ED
Tel: +44 1642 375500    Fax: +44 1642 370704
Contact (PPSA): Callum Grieves
Contact (Sales): Mike Banks
Web site: www.tracerco.com
Johnson Matthey USA
4106 New West Drive, Pasadena, Texas 77507, USA
Tel: +1 281 291 7769    Fax: +1 281 291 7709
Contact: Scott Vidrine
Contact: Jim Bramlett
Johnson Matthey Asia
Lot 27, Jalan PJU 3/47, Sunway Damansara Technology Park, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: Robert Yong
Tel: +603 7803 4622    Fax: +603 7803 9312

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