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Pipesurvey International CV

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Pipesurvey International is a service provider for pipeline inspection, intelligent pigging and pipeline integrity. From the start, Pipesurvey International tools are designed to offer solutions for piggable and non-piggable pipelines, such as reverse-flow operation, multi-diameter pigging, pigging at low pressure and flow or using active speed control in high flow gas pipelines.

The small to medium sized company is customer-oriented, flexible and innovative and has gained thousands of kilometres experience on a global basis, both onshore and offshore.

Pipesurvey International has developed propriety technique for pipeline inspection, ranging 3” up to 56”, including Geometry, XYZ, MFL, TFI, camera, UT, robotic inspection, Datsurvey ® software, defect assessment, Fitness-for-Purpose and Risk-based Assessment, engineering and consultancy, as well as specialized pipeline cleaning.