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Tianjin Greentsing Pipeline Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Tianjin Greentsing Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GTPT) was founded in 2004, which is located in Jingbin Industrial Park, Tianjin, China. GTPT is a national high technology company, which is based on manufacturing pigging equipment, pipeline inspection and maintenance and repair equipment. Meanwhile, the research, manufacturing, trading and engineering and technical services are integrated.

GTPT is specialized in manufacturing the pipeline pigging equipment, inspector, hot-tapping and plugging devices, automatic tank cleaning equipment and the corresponding spare parts. Also, GTPT can provide the engineering and technical service including pipeline installation, changing, pigging, drying, inspection of inside and outside the pipeline, hot-tapping and plugging for nonstop transmission pipeline and oil tank mechanical cleaning.

Web site: www.pigging.cn
Tianjin Greentsing Pipeline Technology Co.,Ltd.
No.8 Taiyuan Road, Jingbin Industrial park, Tianjin Post: 301712, China
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Lin Ling / Linda Lin
Tel: +86 22 22190663    Fax: +86 22 22190662

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