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PureHM helps give pipeline companies confidence that they are delivering energy safely and reliably, by offering the highest quality solutions and data to make integrity decisions.

Their best-in-class technologies and approach provides the actionable information needed to reduce risk, by identifying problem areas, reducing unnecessary digs, and prolonging asset life, while balancing fiscal responsibility.

PureHM provides support to oil and gas companies in the following areas: direct assessment using the Spectrum XLI system, advanced pig tracking using the Armadillo system, inline inspection and confirmation of containment using SmartBall Technology, and data management services using the PipeWise platform.


Web site: www.purehm.net/
Bldg 3, 9703 45 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5V8
Tel: +1 780 436 4400    Fax: +1 780 989 0040
Contact (PPSA): Shamus McDonnell

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