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"Transneft Diascan", JSC

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Transneft Diascan was formed in 1991 and currently inspects an average of 40,000 km of pipelines each year.

The company’s inspection tools detect and size defects with high accuracy and applicable software calculates strength and durability of pipes with defects.

Transneft Diascan has its own test loops with both artificial defects and spools with defects taken from live pipelines. This allows it to develop its own in-line inspection tools and to enhance data analysis methods. A hydraulic facility enables the company to calculate strength and operating life by pressurization and bending tests.

Transneft Diascan also provides the following services: visual measurement testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement, acoustic emission inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection of welds and X-ray inspection of welded seams.

"Transneft Diascan", JSC
Kuibyshev Str, 7, 140501 Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, Russia
Tel: +7 496 632 40 36 +7 496 632 12 36    Fax: +7 496 635 09 13, +7 496 635 09 23
Contact: Sergey V Ermish (General Director)

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