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Kleiss & Co. bv

Full Member

Kleiss & Co has manufactured and distributed pipeline equipment since 1967. The company provides in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and testing of pipeline pigs for all purposes. From 1” up to 100” and from soft foam up to sophisticated tools for cleaning. CAD facilities, computer and climate controlled manufacturing and process equipment, test facilities guarantee constant quality.

The company provides soft, medium and high density foam pigs, cup pigs, bidirectional pigs, flexible pigs, gauging pigs, brush pigs, magnetic pigs, pipeline spheres, FDA pigs for food and cosmetics, pencil brushes, polyurethane, neoprene, nitril, viton, EPDM and silicone pigs. Kleiss also supplies pig locating equipment, pig signalers, high friction pigs and ancillary materials for pipeline repair, coating, maintenance and installation.

Web site: www.kleiss.nl