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PPSA Buyer's Guide

The Buyers' Guide and Directory of Members is available for electronic download.

If you would like to receive a complimentary paper copy of the Buyers' Guide and Directory of Members, please giving your full postal address.

The Buyers' Guide and Directory of Members is published annually. It lists all PPSA members, giving their addresses, contact names and numbers, plus a brief description of what they do.

The Buyers' Guide chart in the centre of the book provides a quick and easy way to find out who supplies the pigging products or services you require.

Introduction to Pipleline Pigging

Responding to the demand for general information about pigging, PPSA has produced "An Introduction to Pipeline Pigging" to give an idea of the different purposes pigs can be used for and how they can be used more effectively.

With four main chapters ("Why pig a pipeline?", "Designing a pipeline for pigging.", "Equipment description and uses", and "Pigging a pipeline.") and five appendices, the book is an introductory source answering many pigging questions which begin "How do we.....?". For more information click here.


Other Recommended Reading

"Pipeline Pigging Handbook" (formerly published as "All About Pigging") by Jim Cordell and Hershel Vanzant is an engineering reference manual published by Clarion Technical Publishers, Houston. It covers pigging in water, products, gas and crude oil pipelines as well as in-plant piping systems and includes 84 drawings and diagrams, 65 photographs, plus numerous tables. 2003. Price US$ 125.00 plus shipping.

To obtain a copy, order online at: www.clarion.org/PiggingHandbook.html or e-mail: .


"Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Technology", 3rd Edition, John Tiratsoo, Editor. This latest edition of the standard reference to pipeline pigging contains 41 new technical contributions from an international panel of expert authors. The book provides a wide-ranging overview of the best in pigging and integrity-monitoring technology, and thus makes essential reading for all involved in these increasingly-important industries. 2003. Price US$ 125.00 plus shipping.

To obtain a copy, order online at: www.clarion.org/PPIT.html or e-mail: .


Pigsource.com contains over 350 technical papers from 20 conferences held in Houston and world-wide from 1989 to date. The papers are fully searchable by key-words of the user's choice and can be printed out. The web site is complemented by a CD. Both the web site and CD are updated with papers from current conferences.

Other pipeline publications are listed on the sister publication PipeMag.