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Website: www.ktn.no

Gravdalsveien 262, 5165 Laksevåg, NO 5848, Bergen, Norway
Contact (Sales): Thor Ståle Kristiansen, CTO
Tel: +47 55 50 16 00
Fax: +47 55 50 16 01
Contact (PPSA): Ulrich Schneider, business development manager
KTN AS is a technology company specialized in condition assessments and periodic maintenance of oil and gas pipelines offshore and onshore internationally. KTN is specially well known for their self propelled BiDi tethered tool inspection technology for challenging pipelines. Their key people have app. 25 years experience.

Different types of measuring technologies are offered: Ultrasonic wall thickness and crack measurement, (angular beam pulse echo, PA and TOFD, eddy current and others).

All diameter ≥6" and up to 12km in length are inspectable (4" 2018).

The technology is under a constant development and every year new type of solutions and applications can be offered to the market.

Intelligent Solutions - Inspection of non-piggable pipelines by use of tethered tool technology.