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11932 Brittmoore Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77041, USA
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Kevin Leaning
Tel: +1 832 467 4040
Fax: +1 832 467 4240
LTS, based in Houston, Texas, was established in 1992 and is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of engineered solutions for high pressure pigging systems through 20,000psi used onshore and offshore and ultra deep applications. LTS has over 200 HP/HT systems installed around the world and represents 80% of all major GOM high pressure deepwater projects, and is a leader in the industry in pressure classes of 10,000psi and above.

LTS offers their own ClampTec® Closures, integrated barrel fabrication and supply, pigging valves and complete skid packages ranging from 6" through API 60" and through 20,000psi design pressures, used for onshore, offshore and subsea applications through 10,000ft water depths.

LTS Engineering Services include full R&D, FEED, design and detailed engineering featuring 3D solid modeling, piping and structural analysis as well as FEA to assist international operators and consulting engineers worldwide.