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Website: www.halfwave.com

Glasskaret 1, Øvre Ervik, Norway
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Craig Hall
Tel: +44 7584 080 626
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Willem Vos/Kimberly Ng
Based in Bergen, Norway, Halfwave is a leading pipeline inspection company for the oil and gas industry. On land or subsea, its patented ultra-HD ART (acoustic resonance technology) system brings exceptional accuracy to its customers. Giving the clearest picture possible of pipeline integrity.

The tools can inspect various assets and across many situations; multi diameter, multi geometry and multi terrain. Pipeline, flowline and riser. Halfwave inspection technology offers integrated wall thickness mapping, geometry and inertial mapping in one run.

Halfwave’s own ART Scan and ARTEMIS tools are uninhibited by traditional ‘direct wall thickness measurement’ inspection methods which need liquid couplants or can’t inspect through coatings or deposits like wax. Halfwave can, all the while maintaining the pinpoint accuracy of the inspection data.