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Website: www.halfwave.com

Glasskaret 1, Øvre Ervik, Norway
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Craig Hall
Tel: +44 7584 080 626
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Willem Vos/Kimberly Ng
Halfwave's Pipeline & Subsea Inspection business is based on the company's proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology. The services offered have been introduced to provide enhanced information to their clients, ultimately reducing the risk of leaks and increasing the technical safety of pipelines.

Due to Halfwave's unique selected broad-band/medium frequency setup their patented solution provides direct ultrasonic wall thickness measurement in gas pipelines, high inspection performance in bends and inspection in multi-diameter diameter pipelines. Halfwave's ART inspection technology has also shown to provide accurate wall thickness mapping in gas pipelines with wall thicknesses of up to 100 mm.