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Website: www.ktn.no

Gravdalsveien 262, 5165 Laksevåg, NO 5848, Bergen, Norway
Contact (Sales): Thor Ståle Kristiansen, CEO & CTO
Tel: +47 55 50 16 00
Fax: +47 55 50 16 01
Contact (PPSA): Ulrich Schneider, business development manager
KTN AS is a technology company specialized in condition assessments and periodic maintenance of oil and gas pipelines offshore and onshore internationally. KTN is specially well known for their self-propelled BiDi tethered tool inspection technology for challenging pipelines. Their key people have app. 25 years experience.

Different types of measuring technologies are offered: Ultrasonic wall thickness and crack measurement, (angular beam pulse echo, PA and TOFD, eddy current and others).

All diameter ≥6" and up to 12km in length are inspectable (4" 2019), solutions for up to 24km.

The technology is under a constant development and every year new type of solutions and applications can be offered to the market.

Intelligent Solutions - Inspection of non-piggable pipelines by use of tethered tool technology.