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Unit 7 - 9a, Greenheys, Manchester Science Park, Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6JJ
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Steve Banks
Tel: +44 07482153525
i2i Pipelines is a sensor technology company that is pioneering the integration of smart sensors into simple operational pigs for high frequency inspection, the collection of Big Data for enhanced analytics, anomaly monitoring and development of predictive maintenance strategies. Combined with advanced signal recognition software i2i can now apply artificial intelligence to sensor data within hours of tool recovery, highlighting critical problems at an early stage and allowing the in-line tools to monitor integrity and flow assurance conditions over the lifetime of the pipeline.

i2i ’s Pioneer™ tools deliver an innovative low risk and low cost inspection solution, Inspecting pipelines from 2”- 48”, including complex geometry and mulit-diameter lines in all production mediums without disrupting production. Pioneer tools can be operated by 3rd party personnel with minimal training, require no specialist facilities and used in pipelines with no prior cleaning.

Below is a brief overview of i2i’s in-line tools:
• Patrol™ pig - designed specifically to target illegal taps in a pipeline
• Pioneer™ pig - offers full inspection capability for internal anomalies
• Prospector™ pig – can map deposits and wax within the pipeline