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6748 Theall Road, Houston, TX 77066, USA
Contact (Sales): Matthew Hanks
Tel: +1-281-537-7475
Contact (PPSA): Robert Williams
Cokebusters is an international company specialising in the mechanical decoking and in-line inspection of process piping within fired heaters, HRSG/OTSG boilers, transfer lines and pipelines from a 2½ – 12-inch internal diameter. From its two headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States, it is able to consistently deliver high quality services to the oil and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Its Merlin in-line inspection tool or “Smartpig” was developed to overcome difficulties with inspecting certain furnace types. Its narrow passageway capability allows it to inspect furnaces with plug headers featuring a central crossover passage with a 3-inch diameter, as well as 3-inch schedule 160 tubes with an internal diameter of 2.5 inches (63.5mm).