S.N.T.G.N. Transgaz S.A.

Associate Member


Website: www.transgaz.ro

Headquarters:P-ţa C. I. Motaş nr. 1, 551130 Mediaş, jud. Sibiu, România
European Funds and International Relations Division
Tel: +40 374 191490
Fax: +40 213-122701
Contact: Ms Irina Ștefan
TRANSPORTATION AND SYSTEM OPERATOR OF THE NATIONAL NATURAL GAS TRANSMISSION SYSTEMSNTGN TRANSGAZ SA is the technical operator of the National Gas Transmission System (NTS) which ensures the transmission, under safe, efficient and competitive conditions, of over 90% of the natural gas consumed in Romania, in accordance with the EU performance and environment standards.

As sole technical operator of the Romanian National Natural Gas Transmission System, SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA provides, in accordance with the EU and national standards on quality, performance, environment and sustainable development, the following:

  • Domestic and international natural gas transmission services;
  • Dispatching and research – design activities for natural gas transmission.
The company intends to become an internationally reputable natural gas transmission operator, a leader on the regional energy market, with a modern national natural gas transmission system, integrated at European level and a high-performance management system.