If you have questions about pigs or are looking for a supplier of pigging products please e-mail us at:

Please include as much detail as possible. Things that may help us better handle your enquiry might include:

  • The type of pig, such as whether it is cleaning, inspection, or an associated pigging service.
  • The diameter(s) of the pipeline.
  • The length of the pipeline.
  • The product carried by the pipeline.
  • Which country the pipeline is in.
  • If you have a preference, the type of pig required, e.g. mandrel, foam, sphere, or chemical pig.
  • Whether you are looking to purchase pigs to run yourself, or if you would like the supplier to run the pigs as part of a service.
  • When the pig is required by.
  • The material the pipeline is made from.
  • Any pipeline features that may complicate the job, such as valves, tees and tight bends etc.