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Units 5-7 Technology Centre, Aberdeen Energy Park, Claymore Drive, AB23 8GD, UK
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Adam Brown
Tel: +44 (0) 1358 724361
Mobile: +44 (0) 7738 613943
Italmatch Chemicals, suppliers of the Aubin® Pipeline product range, are market leaders in novel pipeline chemical technologies for use in traditional oil and gas pipelines as well as the broader energy sector and wherever fluids are transferred.

They offer a full range of pipeline gels and innovative pigging materials that can provide improved efficiency and benefits over traditional pigging as well as opportunities to pig lines considered non-piggable; whether due to lack of dedicated launch/receivers, geometry, or pipeline construction. Aubin® EVO-Pigs are made of non-compressible, deformable materials capable of being launched and received without conventional facilities and in lines of multiple-diameter, with internal diameter changes of up to 50%.

Applications supported include cleaning, de-oiling, de-watering, debris removal, chemical train separation and batching, and spool filling.

The environment and sustainability are a key priority for Italmatch with supported products registered with CEFAS in the North Sea.