Apache Pipeline Products

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Website: www.apachepipe.com

1575 - 90 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6P 0E2
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Brett McNabb
Tel: (1) 780 416 4850
Fax: (1) 780 416 4829
Apache's commitment to quality, service and continual product development provides the industry with "leading edge" technology. Apache Pipeline Products is a major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. The company manufactures a complete range of pipeline cleaners, including foam pigs, mandrel pigs, solid cast urethane pigs and modular all-urethane pigs from 2”-60”. Apache also manufactures replacement elements such as discs, scraper cups, conical cups and gauge pates.

The patented pig passage indicator, the Apache "pigPRO™" is also made at the Edmonton, Canada facility and has been designed to install easily on other manufacturers' existing mounts. The units are available with a variety of signals including visual flag/manual reset, electrical/auto reset, or a visual/electrical combination. New to the line of indicators is the Model 67 that incorporates a customized ball valve to allow for safe and simple isolation of the indicator under pipeline pressure for inspection, maintenance or repair. Apache is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

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