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Obere Spichermatt 14, 6370 Stans, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 618 0300
Fax: +41 41 618 0319
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The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, ROSEN has rapidly grown and continues to do so. Today, the business is still privately owned and consists of a team of more than 3,300 employees, operating in more than 120 countries.

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ROSEN offers: Pipeline cleaning tools, cleaning analytic services, accessories and electronic instruments, in-line inspection, high-resolution geometry inspection, XYZ mapping, high-resolution metal loss inspection utilizing magnetic flux leakage, ultrasound and eddy current technologies, pipe grade and material properties inspection, girth weld and long seam inspection, EMAT crack and coating disbondment detection, Ultrasonic crack detection, multi-diameter and robotic pipeline inspection, bi-directional and tethered pipeline inspection, leak detection, video inspection, inspection of plant and terminals, coiled tubing, flow and gathering lines, integrity management software, integrity engineering & consultancy, inspection solutions, integrity solutions, R&D solutions, product solutions, internal and external pipe coating, monitoring solutions, education systems and services.

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