PPSA is keen to promote the visibility of the pipeline pigging industry to the future generation of pipeline engineers.

PPSA has therefore created two e-mail groups in order to connect students on pipeline related courses to professionals in the pipeline industry:

is an announcement style group that only PPSA can send messages to. It is intended to announce events, activities and news that students maybe interested in, for example open days, placement opportunities, and jobs.

If you have a message that you think is appropriate for this e-mail group, please send it to .

is an unmoderated discussion group that students and professionals already in the pipeline industry are encouraged to discuss issues relating to the pipeline industry. Any member subscribed to the e-mail group can send a message to this group.

To send a message to this e-mail group, please send an email to

Messages must not be offensive. PPSA reserves the right to remove anyone from the mailing groups without explanation.

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