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Osborn International GmbH


Website: www.osborn.com

Website: weldcleaning.osborn.com

Ringstrasse 10, D-35099 Burgwald, Germany
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Hendrik Böhnisch
Tel: +49 6451 588-268
Fax: +49 6451 588-206
Osborn offers high-quality, heavy-duty brushes for pipeline needs—from cleaning to inspection.

Osborn pipeline cleaning brushes are available for cleaning paraffin, rust, oxides, organic residue, sand and debris in operating pipeline systems. The range includes arc, straight-wire strip, coils and open-pitch helical brushes.

Osborn inspection brushes are part of MFL inspection equipment, for locating defects in pipelines, to avoid hazards. Inspection brushes are available in various sizes and configurations, from straight-wire strip, to detailed pencil brushes.

In the business of brushes since 1887, Osborn’s technical support team is composed of people with real-world experience that solve application problems and help with product selection.