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Osborn GmbH


Website: www.osborn.com

Website: weldcleaning.osborn.com

Ringstrasse 10, D-35099 Burgwald, Germany
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Hendrik Böhnisch
Tel: +49 6451 588-268
Fax: +49 6451 588-206
Osborn offers a high-quality portfolio of heavy-duty brushes for every cleaning application.

Osborn pipeline cleaning brushes are made for removing paraffin, rust, oxides, organic residue, sand and debris in operating pipeline systems. The range includes standard radials, pencil brushes, straight-wire strips, coils and spring-loaded brush pieces.

For more than 130 years Osborn offers surface treatment solutions and finishing tools. When “expertise” to you means not to simply refer to what’s on the shelf, but taking care to find the right solution for your individual application, then Osborn are your partner.