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Website: www.entegrasolutions.com

Corporate Offices & Flagship Operations Facility
Indiana, United States
6159 W. 80th St., Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA
Contact: Thom Rowe (Global sales)
Mobile: + 1 281-904-1616
Global Technology Center
Toronto, Canada
Operations Facility
Edmonton, Canada
Operations Facility
London, United Kingdom
Operations Hub
Texas, United States
ENTEGRA is a global provider of Ultra-High-Resolution (UHR) In-Line Inspection (ILI) Systems, specializing in Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Caliper (CAL) combination ILI services, and Cathodic Protection Current Mapping (CPCM) technologies and services.

Known for having a deep-rooted and experienced staff, ENTEGRA services the global pipeline industry with a fleet of tethered and free-swimming MFL/CAL/IMU tools ranging from 3 inch through 36 inch, and a fleet of CPCM/IMU tools that range from 6 inch through 24 inch. The modern mechanical and electrical designs of their tools enable them to build them shorter and lighter, thus reducing drag and increasing overall collapsibility and data quality. All of ENTEGRA’s tool fleets have identical sensor spacing and sampling rates making all tools capable of collecting data in 4X the resolution of standard High-Resolution tools on the market. ENTEGRA’s system, combining UHR tools, its CPCM platform and its team of data analysts and support professionals, is setting the bar for first run success, increased throughput, reduced cost, risk mitigation and ROI.

With multiple locations throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, ENTEGRA partners with pipeline operators and owners, worldwide, to help sustain and improve the integrity of pipelines with industry leading technology and In-Line Inspection Systems.