Global Process and Pipeline Services Limited.

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Global Process and Pipeline Services Limited.



Plot 7, Eastern Bye-pass way, Old GRA Extension, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Tel: 234 84 300 668
Contact (PPSA): Obi Uzu
Contact (Sales): Chris Onyemaizu
Global Process and Pipeline Services Limited (GPPS) is a service company strategically set up to provide pipeline solutions to its customers through thorough engineering and development of fit-for-purpose solutions, all while reducing customer OPEX waste and increasing efficiency.

GPPS specializes in complete pipeline pre-commissioning (flooding, cleaning, gauging, hydrotesting, pipeline dewatering, drying, and nitrogen services) as well as specialized in-line inspection services. They also work on deep water pipe repair and clamping, as well as the pre-commissioning of subsea umbilical risers and flowlines.

They have amassed an amazing track record of success over the years, and they've invested much in pipeline, nitrogen-specific, vessel/tank cleaning, and specialist equipment.

GPPS currently owns and operates the Region's largest inventory of brand-new fluid pumping, air and nitrogen equipment.