Pipeline Engineering (Part of Nylacast Group)

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Pipeline Engineering (Part of Nylacast Group)


Website: www.nylacast.com

480 Thurmaston Boulevard, Leicester, LE4 9LN, UK
Tel: +44 116 276 8558
Fax: +44 116 274 1954
Contact (Sales & PPSA):
Contact (Sales): Kosai Kammoun
Pipeline Engineering, part of Nylacast Group, is a market leading global provider of products, services and engineered solutions for the pipeline pigging and flow assurance industry. They have particular expertise in the design and manufacture of pipeline pigs, which are engineered to meet the specific requirements of individual pipelines.

PE offers full range of utility pigs including metal bodied, foam, unit cast and sphere types. In addition to specialty pigs to meet the specific pigging requirements of complex and demanding pipelines, this is achieved through analysis of the existing pipeline issues including assessment of all pipeline features.

Nylacast Group employees more than 650 professionals and has full in-house research and development centre.