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NDT Global GmbH & Co. KG


Website: www.ndt-global.com

Friedrich-List-Str. 1,76297 Stutensee, Germany
Tel: +49 7244 7415 0
Fax: +49 7244 7415 97
Contact (PPSA): Thomas Wolf
Contact (Sales): Ben Bergius
NDT Global is a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and pipeline integrity management. Its state-of-the art inspection fleet provides the entire inline inspection service spectrum for onshore and offshore pipelines.

First run success, best data quality and rapid report delivery are their key benchmarks. A skilled engineering and project management team, complemented by one of the best data analysis teams in the industry, has inspected and analyzed millions of kilometers of pipelines worldwide. The full range of services includes geometry and deformation inspection, metal loss, crack inspection, defect assessment and fitness for purpose investigations. NDT Global is part of Eddyfi/NDT, an innovative technology group that strives to develop the most advanced NDT science and technology in the world.