Apache Pipeline Products

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Website: www.apachepipe.com

1575 - 90 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6P 0E2
Contact (Sales & PPSA): Brett McNabb
Tel: (1) 780 416 4850
Fax: (1) 780 416 4829
Apache's commitment to quality, service and continual product development provides the industry with "leading edge" technology. Apache Pipeline Products is a major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment. The company manufactures a complete range of pipeline cleaners, including foam pigs, mandrel pigs, solid cast urethane pigs and modular all-urethane pigs. Apache also manufactures replacement elements such as discs, scraper cups, conical cups and other auxiliary pipeline accessories.

The patented pig passage indicator, the Apache "pigPRO" is also made at the Edmonton, Canada facility and has been designed to install easily on other manufacturers' existing mounts. The units are available with a variety of signals including visual flag/manual reset, electrical/auto reset, or a visual/electrical combination. Apache is a ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.