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6531 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston Texas 77041, USA
Tel: +1 713 466 3100
Fax: +1 713 466 8050
Contact (PPSA): David Henry
Contact (Sales): Michael Henry
Girard Industries Europe Ltd.
Unit 4 Riverside Place, Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Kilbirnie KA25 7JW, UK
Contact: John Simpson
Tel: +44 1505 684885
Fax: +44 1505 685424
Founded in 1968, Girard is approaching 50 years of manufacturing high quality pipeline cleaning pigs along with providing unmatched customer service. Girard manufactures the full range of pipeline pigs, including polly-pigs (foam pigs), steel mandrel pigs, solid cast polyurethane pigs, polyurethane spheres (balls) for pipeline and meter proving applications. Girard also manufactures replacement cups, discs and other urethane wear parts for most pigs on the market.

For those applications requiring rubber, Girard supplies Neoprene and Nitrile Pipeline and Proving spheres, and scrapper cups and discs in both compounds.

Girard also supplies Hi-T Pigalerts, intrusive and non-intrusive pig detectors, pig tracking equipment, geo-phones and other related equipment.

Whether you are cleaning, batching, gauging, coating, proving, tracking, testing, or pushing liquids, there is a Girard pig that will work for you.