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Inline Services LLC.



27731 Commercial Park Rd., Tomball,Texas 77375, USA
Tel: +1 281 401 8142
Fax: +1 281 401 8147
Tel: Toll Free +1 888 973 0079
Contact (PPSA): Gary Smith, Harvey Diehl
Contact (Sales): Jessica Nichols
Inline specializes in Intelligent Pipeline Cleaning products for pipeline maintenance.

Inline carries one of the largest inventories of poly foam, foam disc, urethane and mandrel pigs to offer fast delivery on any style and quantity. They also carry electronic tracking equipment including receivers, geophones, and transmitters.

Inline offers a fleet of 1.5D capable Speed Control Cleaning Tools for high velocity pipelines that can maintain optimal cleaning speeds of 6 to 10 mph within a gas flow velocity of up to 33 mph.

Inline’s team can design and manufacture custom pig configurations, manage day to day pigging operations or design complete pigging programs.

Inline also provides complete Process Pigging Systems, components and packages for both industrial and sanitary applications.